Have a question about Safe Lace Fundraising?
We know that it’s not always possible to offer all the information and answers to the questions you may have on one website but we have put together a list of our most commonly asked questions regarding our fundraising.

It’s simple, just apply and complete a few simple details online and we will be in touch with you to let you know if you qualify for our fundraising program. Click here to apply now

You earn a huge $4.00 for every single sale made.

You can run the fundraiser for as long as you choose to but the most common timeframe to run your fundraiser for is 3 weeks.

As soon as your fundraiser has finished and your order is delivered, your profit will be deposited directly into your nominated bank account within 3 days of the fundraiser being completed.

Once the fundraiser is complete and we have tallied the orders, we pack the shipment and deliver the total orders to you along with a full report showing who purchased what colours and how many making it extremely simple for you to distribute to your participants.

There is absolutely no outlay to get your Safe Lace Fundraiser up and running. Everything you need to start fundraising with Safe Lace is supplied to you at no cost.

Once you have run a successful fundraiser and have received orders, the only cost involved is a one off delivery fee, depending on the size of your order this is usually somewhere between $20 and $40 and is deducted from your profits upon delivery.

Otherwise there is no cost to you whatsoever!

Your fundraising website is simply the Safe Lace Fundraising website:

You are given a specific login code for your fundraiser, you just click login and enter your dedicated code which will then take you to your specific fundraising page.

Your free marketing pack will be sent through via email to your nominated email address as soon as you have been accepted for the Safe Lace Fundraising program.

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We look forward to helping you Safe Lace Fundraise soon!