Lock every lace
with safe lace!

Don't just lace up, lock 'em in place with Safe Lace! #GameChanger


Keep Your Focus

Keeping safe
on the job

20% larger, perfectly sized for work boot laces

SAFE LACE: RevolutioniSing Your Shoelace Experience!

Untied Laces and Double Knots are a thing of the past!

No matter what laces you wear, what activity you do, what school grade you’re in or what industry you work in… Safe Lace is a MUST for EVERY laced shoe!



Whether it’s a polished school shoe or sports runners your child is wearing to school, Safe Lace keeps laces tied, dry and clean and stops kids from tripping over!

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With Safe Lace, rest assured your shoelaces stay tied, keeping you in the game without interruptions or safety concerns—just seamless focus and confidence during physical activity!

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Industrial Range

Don't gamble with trips and falls! Stay safe and injury-free with Safe Lace Industrial. Work confidently, stay secure!"

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Safe Lace Fundraising –Bringing a whole new spin on fundraising – an actual solution to a problem that we all have…and you make money from it!

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