Our Story


The Safe Lace Story

After years of watching my children’s shoelaces continually untie, I’d had enough!

Surely there’s something I can buy to keep shoelaces tied, but guess what… there wasn’t!

I couldn’t believe after picking up my children every day from school with their laces dragging on the ground, watching them play sports like basketball and football and the game constantly being interrupted by untied laces and even when I went for a walk and my laces kept coming undone… there was nothing to fix this issue that my whole family was having!!

After realising that, I was certain I wasn’t the only one going through this daily frustration and danger so I was determined to design a product that would get rid of the untied lace issues my family was having and in turn, for everyone that was experiencing this same drama!

That’s how Safe Lace evolved! A solution to a problem that we have all been just putting up with since the beginning of Shoe Laces… for hundreds of years… Gone for good with one simple product!

Our main aim at Safe Lace, is to keep as many people as we can safe from tripping and frustration and to keep you active and on the move. No matter what industry you are in, whether its exercise or competitions that you’re into, a safe working environment in the industrial/health sector or you’re trying to keep your children as safe as possible… Safe Lace is for you!

Safe Lace has been vigorously tested across all types of shoes and laces including work boots, school shoes and many sports shoes including football, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, marathon running, gym workouts and even obstacle races… the results are all 100% positive and all of these activities can now take place without the interruption and danger of laces becoming untied thanks to Safe Lace.

I’m so excited to help you change the way you see shoelaces once and for all, to keep the laces you love and not have to replace them or turn your shoes into slip ons and I know that from the first time you lock your laces with Safe Lace, you’ll be as excited as we are!!