Our Story


The Safe Lace Story

After witnessing my children's shoelaces constantly coming undone for years, I reached my limit!

I searched high and low for a solution to keep them tied, but to my surprise, there was nothing available!

I couldn't believe it. Every day, as I picked up my children from school, their laces dragged on the ground. Whether they were playing basketball, football, or just going for a walk, the game was constantly interrupted by untied laces. It seemed there was nothing available to fix this issue that plagued my entire family!

Realising that I couldn't be the only one experiencing this daily frustration and danger, I was determined to design a solution. Thus, Safe Lace was born—a product to eliminate the untied lace issues not only for my family but for everyone facing the same challenge!

Our mission at Safe Lace is clear: to keep people safe from tripping and frustration, enabling them to stay active and on the move. Whether you're in the industrial/health sector, passionate about sports, or simply want to keep your children safe, Safe Lace is for you!

Safe Lace has undergone rigorous testing across various types of shoes and laces, including work boots, school shoes, and sports shoes like football, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, marathon running, gym workouts, and obstacle races. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, ensuring that these activities can now take place without the interruption and danger of untied laces, thanks to Safe Lace.

I'm thrilled to revolutionise the way you view shoelaces forever, allowing you to keep the laces you love without constantly replacing them. I'm confident that from the moment you secure your laces with Safe Lace, you'll share our excitement!