There are a lot of things you need to think of when buying your children school or sport shoes. They must be sturdy enough to survive the rough demands of sports games and school life and of course they need to look good and feel good as well.

Something else we need to think about is safety of course and shoelaces on the shoes, especially if your child doesn’t know how to tie their laces yet, may be a concern… well until now that is.  We know that Velcro shoes are available but only to a certain size and once they grow out of that range, what are your options.  Also when playing sport or running around at school, Velcro shoes don’t actually offer the support and adjustability that shoelaces do which can cause the shoe to be less suitable for young feet.

Shoes have a lot of uses for kids. They are protection for young, growing feet. They also allow kids to play without much risk; preventing injury, providing support and contact with substances on the ground that may cause them problems. For this reason, it is crucial that they are given shoes that will not wear easily from constant use. You must also make sure to keep their shoelaces tied even through rigorous activity to maximise protection and support.

Shoelaces can be a challenge for children. For younger kids, tying shoelaces is like working on a complicated puzzle. They often have to ask their parents or teachers to tie their shoelaces for them. This can be a problem for two reasons, as you cannot be with your children all the time to retie and it can also be rather embarrassing for them to have to ask someone else to tie their shoe lace for them. If their shoelaces continue to untie, they will have to repeatedly look for adults who can help them. That or they will have to spend the day tripping over their untied laces.

If your child plays sport, an undone shoelace can become a big risk. It will prevent them from performing at their best by losing focus or being interrupted which may lead to loss and disappointment for them. In other cases, they may even trip on their shoelaces, leading to different kinds of injuries. As such, keeping shoelaces tied is paramount to protecting your children from harm and helping them to achieve their goals by concentrating on what’s important to them… playing, having fun and achieving.

Safe Lace is a revolutionary product designed specifically to keep shoelaces securely tied. They are simple and effective and can be used by kids who can or cannot tie their own shoelaces. Children who can tie their own lace just add one step by locking the tab over the bow, knowing that it will stay tied without a double knot!  Children who cannot tie their own lace can have their parents tie the lace and then lock it in place with Safe Lace, knowing without a doubt that their child will not have to worry again about their laces untying. They are very small and light, so you don’t even know they are there and will not cause any pain or injury to the foot, even when kicking a ball. 

Safe Lace can be used for your children’s school shoes or running shoes, in fact, any shoes with laces! They even come in different colours to ensure that whether your child wants to make a statement and have them stand out like bling on their shoes or they want them to be unseen, blend in and just get the job done, there is a Safe Lace colour to suit their wants and needs.

Safe Lace is also perfect for use by adults in sports and in the Industrial industry.