Lock every lace
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Don't just lace up, lock 'em in place with Safe Lace! #GameChanger


Keep Your Focus

Keeping safe
on the job

20% larger, perfectly sized for work boot laces


Step into the future of lacing with Safe Lace, revolutionising your shoe game one tie at a time!

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active black

Our Black Active Safe Lace is the epitome of versatility, seamlessly transitioning between laced school shoes and sneakers, earning its title as our best-selling and most sought after Safe Lace product.

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school multi pack

Our Safe Lace School Pack offers versatility by complementing a wide range of shoe colours and styles. Featuring black, white, and clear active which ensures you're covered for every occasion.

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Industrial black

Our Black Industrial Safe Lace is designed 20% larger to accommodate thicker laces, ensuring a secure fit even in demanding environments. Black makes it ideal for working on various terrains without getting dirty.

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I absolutely love Safe Lace! It ensure that my shoelaces will never come undone no matter what I do, my children are also fans! While exercising, they are regularly asked where they bought Safe Lace and there are now more children who wear them.

Houten, NL

Absolutely love Safe Lace! I no longer have to worry about my kids laces coming undone during sport. My kids have them on basketball shoes, football boots and school shoes. Love that they can choose a variety of colours to match their shoes.

Melbourne, AUS

Safe Lace is seriously a game changer. It is so frustrating watching game interruptions with players tying their laces mid game, Safe Lace instantly fixes that problem. Such a simple but effective solution. They are great for school and sport. Love them!

Melbourne, AUS

I was so sick of my boys always doing up their shoelaces during sport. Safe Lace has been a great investment. I never have to worry about them interrupting a game of basketball or footy. The colour choices are great too. So glad I found Safe Lace.

Melbourne, AUS

As someone who's very active, I understand the frustration of constantly having to tie and retie my shoelaces. That's why I decided to try Safe Lace and was very impressed. Safe Lace is a game-changer particularly when I play basketball.

Texas, USA

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Whether it’s a polished school shoe or sports runners your child is wearing to school, Safe Lace keeps laces tied, dry and clean and stops kids from tripping over! Tie once and laces stay tied all day!

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With Safe Lace, rest assured your shoelaces stay tied, keeping you in the game without interruptions or safety concerns—just seamless focus and confidence during physical activity!

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Don't gamble with trips and falls on any work site! Stay safe and injury-free with Safe Lace Industrial. The must have addition to your PPE attire. Work confidently, stay secure!"

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