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Innovative Safety for the Construction Zone

December 9, 2014

For-Work-3A safe workplace environment is a liberty many individuals in the Australian workforce are afforded. Industries ranging from mining and construction,to transport and logistics, heavily rely on the policies and strategies implemented by industry unions and the Government to promote a safe workplace. “Healthy, safe and productive working lives” is Work Safe’s mantra. Alas, the implementation of vigorous regulation and policy is not enough to prevent all workplace injury.

Often the smallest and most trivial modifications in a high-risk environment can be responsible for preventing minor and major injuries.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures in 2013 indicated that just over ten percent of the Australian workforce was made up of the mining and construction industry.*Within the construction industry alone; falls, trips and slips of a person accounted for 26% of the total injuries reported in 2013.**

These statistics show that over a quarter of all injuries reported are results of slipping or tripping over. In the environment of a construction or mining site, appropriate work gear is a strict requirement. Taking extra safety precautions, particularly simple ones, never goes astray though.

Business development manager at Construction Hunter, Tom Scash, has been in the construction and mining industry for the last ten years.Construction Hunter isan online platform that providesjob resources and career solutions for people in Australia’s mining and construction industries. Experience in varying fields of the trade has meant Scash has unfortunately witnessed some workplace injuries.

“Working on construction sites often leaves no room for error,” he said.

Five years ago while working on a building site, a labourer carrying scaffolding up a flight of metal stairs actually stumbled on his own shoelace. He ended up in hospital with quite serious back injuries as a result,” Scash reported.

Keeping up to date with the newest personal protective equipment is crucial in this industry.

While untied shoelaces aren’t the only hazard within a high-risk work zone, it goes without saying, even the smallest precautions could literally save a life.

*Australia Bureau of Statistics

**Key Work Health & Safety Statistics Australia


By Claire Newton


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