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Safe Lace for School Shoes

Whether it’s a polished school shoe or sports runners your child is wearing, Safe Lace is a must for all shoes worn at school. Teachers will thank you and kids will stay safe from tripping! Lets not forget how dirty laces get from being dragging along the ground, through the mud…or the bathroom floor…eeek!

Safe Lace makes sure that your children’s shoelaces stay tied all day long no matter what laces or what activities are in your day.

Send your children to school with the confidence that they will stay safe and uninterrupted all day long. Slide, Tie, Lock….it’s just that simple!

Keeping Children Safe at Kinder and School

Nobody wants to see their children get hurt! The effects from our children tripping and falling is something that we have all unfortunately had to deal with.  Tears and sadness from cuts and bruises all because of untied laces….well no more!!

Now you can send your children off to school knowing that trips and falls from untied laces will not be a part of their day with Safe Lace on their shoes.

No more double knots, no more tripping, no more frustration from having to stop and retie over and over again!