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Safe Lace Industrial

20% Bigger to handle your work boot laces.  Reinforced to tackle whatever you throw at them.
You wouldn’t walk onto a worksite without your Hi-Vis gear or your Hard Hat and PPE to keep you safe…so don’t risk untied laces on your work boots.  One small trip can be disastrous!

Don’t Risk Injury – Prevent Injury!
Safe Lace Industrial

Make safety your #1 priority and incorporate every piece of PPE you can! Safe Lace Industrial completely prevents any possibility of accidents due to untied shoelaces!
As mentioned, our Industrial range is 20% larger to accommodate for the larger shoelaces that work boots have and the wider lacing area. They are also reinforced in multiple areas to make them extra heavy duty and tough, perfect for the commercial/industrial and protective services industries.

Made in Europe – Safe Lace Industrial are up to any task you can throw at them!

Thread Laces

Tie Your Bow

Lock The Tab

Three simple steps to workplace safety – Safe Lace Industrial – Making work boots completely SAFE!

Don’t Risk injury – Prevent injury with Safe Lace Industrial – Safety for EVERY Industry!

Construction – Mining – Police Force – Army – Front Line Workers – Fire Brigade – Health Care

Every single one of these industries requires focus and safety on the job to be able to perform each and every day.  Putting every possible safety measure in place is nothing less than a must.