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Absolutely LOVE these Safe Lace I think that school children across the country should have these as a part of their school packs. Preppies can tie their shoelaces but OMG they never STAY done up. Here is the answer to the prayers of primary teachers across the country. Thank you !!!

Lexie Hooker

What a BRILLIANT invention!!! I'm ordering a pair for my daughter and have recommended it to everyone I know. As a teacher I know once remarked "I hate having to tie shoelaces for kids when I'm doing yard duty. They're always damp and you know its because they've stepped in puddles in the toilets, not in the yard!" I think she'd LOVE this creation!

Natasha Davis

After having completed Tough Mudder is Queensland I discovered how amazing such a simple product can be. Shoe laces remained tied throughout the rac

Melbourne, Australia

My 8 year old decided he wanted lace up school shoes this year. We have failed miserably at attempts to learn to tie laces for the last few years but at least with Safe Lace he knows they won’t need to be redone during the day. He has practiced hard and I’m pleased to say he can now tie his laces himself every day, but he still likes to use the Safe Lace as he doesn’t have to worry then. I love them as I see so many kids with laces undone and once they are this age don’t like to ask for help. Have seen a few nasty falls in the playground from laces too. I have spread the word at school his teacher loves them too.

Westleigh, NSW

I am a courier who drives eight hours everyday, in and out of car for pick ups. For that reason I need to wear comfortable shoes. When walking to my clients offices and my car, sometimes I find my shoe laces loose dangling on ground and floors of clients office without noticing this, it can be very disappointing and unprofessional.
When I discovered your shoe lace lock I started using them, all problems gone! Since then, I have been recommending them to my friends and family members.Thank you for your simple brilliant invention.

USA, North Carolina

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