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My oldest son is almost 10, and knows how to tie his shoes, but he just can’t manage to keep them that way. On a typical day, I would tell him 5 times or more to tie his shoes. The lace ends were shredded from being walked on within a week of buying him new shoes.

Lake Orion Michigan, USA

Thanks so much Safe Lace. My son absolutely loves them!! No more tying laces at Basketball or school 🙂

Louise Stewart

Thanks to Safe Lace Talia has a smiley face:) 
Awesome invention & I happily recommend it to all parents who struggle keeping laces tied!

Gulsun Karatas

Absolutely LOVE these Safe Lace I think that school children across the country should have these as a part of their school packs. Preppies can tie their shoelaces but OMG they never STAY done up. Here is the answer to the prayers of primary teachers across the country. Thank you !!!

Lexie Hooker

What a BRILLIANT invention!!! I'm ordering a pair for my daughter and have recommended it to everyone I know. As a teacher I know once remarked "I hate having to tie shoelaces for kids when I'm doing yard duty. They're always damp and you know its because they've stepped in puddles in the toilets, not in the yard!" I think she'd LOVE this creation!

Natasha Davis

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