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Thanks so much Safe Lace. My son absolutely loves them!! No more tying laces at Basketball or school 🙂

Louise Stewart

My oldest son is almost 10, and knows how to tie his shoes, but he just can’t manage to keep them that way. On a typical day, I would tell him 5 times or more to tie his shoes. The lace ends were shredded from being walked on within a week of buying him new shoes.

Lake Orion Michigan, USA

“Nanna, can you please tie my shoes” First thing in the morning
“Yes of course….no problem”
“Nanna, can you please tie my shoes”
“My laces have come undone”

Ballarat, Victoria

I purchased Safe Lace for each of my children. The youngest is not able to tie her shoe laces and it means I can tie them for her in the morning and not have to worry about her tripping over her laces!

Eastwood, South Australia

I bought Safe Lace for my son because I can no longer get velcro school shoes in his size and he can’t tie laces. His shoe laces were coming undone at school and I was worried he would hurt himself tripping on them. He also can’t undo double knots so I was having to help him take his shoes off too.

Redback Plains, Queensland

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