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About Us

safe lace revolution!

Safe Lace is a  Melbourne based company and we are all extremely excited about the product we have created!! Safe Lace is the solution to a problem that we have all until now just had to “put up with” well…not any more!

Our main aim is to keep as many people as we can safe from tripping and frustration, no matter what industry you are in, whether it’s exercise or competitions that you are into, a safe work environment in the industrial sector or your trying to keep your children as safe as possible….Safe
Lace is for you!


Safe Lace has been vigorously tested in all types of sports – football, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, marathon running, gym workouts and even obstacle races…..the results were 100% positive and all of these sports can now take place without the interruption and danger of laces becoming untied thanks to Safe Lace.

Safe Lace has also been stringently tested throughout various schools and all trials have come back with the same result……SAFE LACE has fixed the problem!!!

Safe Lace has also been used and tested on footwear across the board of all shapes and sizes and it suits them all…..anything with laces is guaranteed to be better with Safe Lace!

In every industry, work or play, in every sports game, in everyday life and for any age……you will love it!

Most of us know that shoes with laces are better for our feet than the hook and loop as they give our foot more support and a better fit being more adjustable to each individual foot but up till now the hook and loop has been the safer and more convenient option…….SAFE LACE changes that for good and allows you to wear laces that won’t come undone in the shoe that supports your feet and ankles better!

Now you can enjoy the comfort and fit of a laced shoe while still being SAFE and Frustration Free!!!

Suitable for
Adults or Children of any age!

SAFE LACE will allow you to never again have to worry about your shoe laces coming loose or undone.

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